Name.Space, Inc. files Appeal v. ICANN - Sep 09, 2013

Name.Space, Inc. files Anti-Trust suit against ICANN - Oct 10, 2012

Name.Space, Inc. Press Release for April 02, 2012

Name.Space, Inc. Press Release for March 12, 2012

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Selected articles about NAME.SPACE* and new GTLDs (*sometimes referred to as "PGP MEDIA" or "PGMedia")

'Net rebel sues over .nyc, .sex and wants damages, October, 2012 by Lincoln Anderson

Art On Air 2-part Interview: Paul Garrin, Media Art & Media Freedom, July, 2012 by Daniel Durning

'Net pioneer needs help in fight for rights to .nyc
The Villager, May, 2012 by Clayton Patterson

'Net pioneer isn’t giving up on .nyc or on 481 others
The Villager, April, 2012 by Lincoln Anderson

Name.Space Claims Trademark Protection Over 482 gTLDs
Domain News, March 2012 by David Goldstein

Company claims ownership of 482 new gTLDs
Domain Incite, March 2012 by Kevin Murphy

New York Times Syndicate, December 1996 by Douglas Rushkoff

Networking With Spooks
CovertAction Quarterly, Winter 1996-97 by John Dillon

New York Company Sues to Open Up Internet Names
New York Times Cybertimes, March 22, 1997 by Elizabeth Weise

Antitrust Suit Could Shake Up Net Governance
The Recorder, March 24, 1997 by Dan Goodin (archived)

Internet-Address Assigner in Va. Is Focus of Justice Department Antitrust Probe
The Washington Post, July 6, 1997; Page A13 by Rajiv Chandrasekaran (archived)

Internet Jam Tip of Iceberg?
Cnet, July 18, 1997 by Dan Goodin

Public Provides Comment, But Little Consensus on Domain Names
New York TImes Cybertimes, August 23, 1997 by Jeri Clausing

Domain Suit Names NSF
Cnet, September 18, 1997 by Suzanne Galante

National Science Foundation is Added to Lawsuit on Domain Names
New York TImes Cybertimes, September 19, 1997 by Jeri Clausing

NSI Hit with Domain Class Action
Cnet, October 21, 1997 by Dan Goodin

PG Media Brings NSI/NSF Antitrust Case to a Head
Computerwire, March 1998 by Nick Patience (archived)

NSI Antitrust Woes Not Over Yet
Cnet, February 24, 1999 by Dan Goodin

Can Anyone Sat Dot-Monopoly? (part 1)
Newsday, October 1, 2000 by Ellis Henican (archived)

Can Anyone Sat Dot-Monopoly? (part 2)
Newsday, October 1, 2000 by Ellis Henican (archived)

Freedom to Criticize Belongs on the Web
San Francisco Chronicle, December 3, 2000 by Esther Dyson

Is ICANN Illegal? Interview with Prof. Michael Froomkin
Duke University Law Journal, February 28, 2001 by Kathleen E. Fuller

Casting a Wider Net
Village Voice, April 3, 2001 by Sarah Ferguson

The Battle of .NYC ... and also .SUCKS, .CHAT, .WEATHER, .ART...
The Villager, May 12, 2009 by Lincoln Anderson

Internet Domain Names Privatization Competition And Freedom Of Expression
CATO Institute Briefing Papers, October 16, 1997 by Milton L. Mueller

Web Company in California Sues To Stop Expansion of Internet Domains
New York Times Cybertimes, March 1, 1997 by JAMIE MURPHY and C. EDWARD WOTRING

Internet Panel Names 7 New Domains And Recommends Governing Bodies
New York Times Cybertimes, February 6, 1997 by JAMIE MURPHY AND CHARLES F. HOFACKER

Rebellion Over Who Controls the Net
New York Times Cybertimes, November 23, 1996 by CHRISTINE BIEDERMAN and JAMIE MURPHY

The Shadow, 24 Jun 1998 by Chris Flash

Der Name der Freiheit (German)
Die Tageszeitung, 17.07.1997 by Tilman Baumgaertel

Taktischer Kapitalismus (German)
Die Tageszeitung, 17.07.1997 by Tilman Baumgaertel